Mobile Auto Repair for Your Peace of Mind

Has your vehicle suddenly stopped and has smoke coming out of the hood? Are you in a panic? Don’t be as whatever the malfunction is, Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair can handle it. We are a crew of competent mobile mechanics who offer prompt mobile auto repair to all drivers in need. You never know when a disaster can happen, so having the number of a reputable towing company in your phone is a brilliant idea. If you live in the Arabi, GA region and need emergency roadside assistance, we are the technicians who will immediately respond to your calls. We can perform tire, truck, and RV repairs on the spot and have the necessary equipment to tow vehicles too.


All vehicles are complex machines with complex electronic systems that can fail at any moment. They are also quite unpredictable when it comes to malfunctions and breakdowns. The sad truth is that no matter how diligent we are maintaining our car, it can still experience a roadside occurrence. When that happens, you can rest easy knowing our team is already on the way to help you address minor problems. If the failure is more serious, our technicians will take your vehicle to our shop for inspection and repair. We offer professional towing service too. To learn more about what we do, please look at our Services page!


Having the number of our mobile auto mechanic handy brings many advantages. Most of all, our services are speedy and convenient. Our emergency services can bring relief from sudden malfunctions. Our team has the necessary tools and devices to perform a wide diversity of repairs while on the road so you can keep going your way. Don’t let small issues ruin your daily routine and mood. When you call our specialists, you will receive quick assistance delivered right at your location.


Our road service provider has been in the towing industry for years. We have both a physical shop and mobile mechanics ready to assist truck, RV, and car owners with quick and quality repairs. No matter where the breakdown occurs, as long as it is within our service area, our technicians will be there to address all kinds of problems. We are experts in tire repair, but we can also do fixes on trucks and recreational vehicles. Our work is organized, and the inspections and repairs we perform help vehicle owners to get back on the road in a timely fashion.

If you need emergency roadside assistance in Arabi, GA or any other of the locations that we serve, our crew is here waiting for your calls. Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair is the name of your reliable helper. For any problems and questions, call us, we look forward to hearing from you.